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Productos Elaborados Bolívar S.A. (PEBSA) is a family owned company with more than 50 years of experience in processing and exporting fruits, focusing on drying organic and conventional bananas. Since our beginnings, we have committed to the quality and food safety of our products, and to our costumers’ satisfaction. This drive for continuous improvement, brings us to add the FSSC 22000 certification to our existing portfolio of organic, kosher and HACCP certifications.
Currently the company commercializes a wide variety of dried banana products to various markets worldwide, including the United States, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Our Products

In addition to our certifications, all of our products are completely free of additives and preservatives.


Our base product, whole dried bananas can be sold in bulk for further processing or in packages, ready for retail.


Dried banana dices are cut in 1⁄4” or in 3⁄8” dices, and covered with banana flour to guarantee a free flowing product. This product is ideal for mixing with other dried fruits, nuts, granolas or included in fruit or protein bars. They can also be coated in chocolate or similar products.


Dried banana pieces are cut to any size required by the costumer. Bigger sizes are ideal to be consumed alone, while smaller sizes are ideal for coating with other products, such as chocolate. We can add banana flour as a free-flowing agent.


Our soft cubes and bites are made from our banana paste, and covered with banana flour to have a free flowing product. With their soft texture, they are ideal for mixing with other dried fruits, nuts, or cereals.


Our milled dried bananas, result in a paste that can be shaped into bars, cubes or bites, mixed with other ingredients or by itself.


Given its unique processing conditions, our Green Banana Powder (or banana flour) is high in resistant starch, which has been shown to have important health benefits. At the same time, our banana flour is a neutral product, that has a variety of applications. It can be used as a natural free flowing agent, as a natural thickener for purees and liquids, and as a gluten free replacement for other flours, to name a few.
Presented by one of our customers in Sirha Trade Show 2019, in France, this product won an Innovation Award for its sweet and salty applications in the bakery industry.

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